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1968 HEMI Super Stock Barracuda raced by Arlen Vanke

Price: Call 1 (770) 427-8388

Special Features:
1968 HEMI Super Stock Barracuda

1968 HEMI Super Stock Barracuda


This Cuda was owned and raced by Arlen Vanke -- a name is synonymous with Mopar.  Full documentation proves it, including the original title (showing it was bought new from Wilkes Motor sales in Zanesville, Ohio under Arlen Vanke's name), the 

full Galen Govier inspection (including photos of all numbers and components), several photos of the restoration, and the owner history.


Arlen was personally involved with the restoration and was kind enough to supply some of the car's original parts. This car has been in several magazine publications and most recently was the cover story for Muscle Car review May 2008, which states

As the muscle car craze took off in the '60s, so did the notoriety of vintage, historically important race cars. Arlen owned several Hurst-style Barracudas during the '68-'69 racing seasons. One in particular, the '68 Cuda, would change hands in the racing industry several times before it finally rested in 1972. It wasn't awakened until 2002 when Mopar restorer Le Hodges learned it was still alive, but in pieces in Nebraska.

If you know vintage racing then you know finding a restored race car from this era that is truly restored is quite the find. Now it's for sale.

This car is often referred to as the cornerstone of any serious collector's automotive portfolio. With this status in the muscle car circuit it has also led to many fraudulent cars being made over the last 20 years. But rest assured; it is well known and documented that "Akron" Arlen Vanke's '68 Cuda is the real deal and documented by Galen Govier.

Specialized equipment specs on Hurst package cars built by Chrysler:

  • 426 cu.in. 12.5 compression race Hemi engine
  • Dual 4 BBL Holley carbs, steel heads
  • Aluminum or magnesium Cross Ram intake
  • Street Hemi camshaft, oil pan
  • Hooker headers and single-pipe Cherry Bomb mufflers from each head
  • Reworked A833 manual or 727 TorqueFlite transmission and shifter
  • 4.86-geared 8A (automatic) or 4.88-geared 9A Dana 60 differential
  • Sure Grip differential
  • Roller timing chain
  • High capacity oil pump
  • Front disc brakes 4A bolt circles
  • Heavy-duty radiator with aluminum 7-blade fan
  • Reworked right front shock tower
  • Reworked brake mounting pad
  • Reworked K-frame engine support
  • Heavy-duty fuel lines
  • Reworked front suspension components
  • Heavy-duty high-control rear suspension
  • Super stock springs
  • 14x5 steel wheels and blackwall tires
  • Reworked rear wheel opening for tire clearance
  • Fiberglass fenders and hood with hood scoop
  • Thin-steel stamped front bumper
  • Accessories (window wiper, battery tray, and so on) deleted
  • Acid-dipped doors with no mechanisms or outside mirrors
  • Chemor side glass, opened via 27 inch strap on door
  • Battery located in trunk over right rear tire
  • Prestolite transistor ignition box
  • Lightweight aluminum seat mounts
  • Low-profile lightweight bucket seats
  • Rear seat replaced with cardstock panel
  • Radio and heater delete plates

Galen Govier Inspection:

1968 S/S Plymouth Barracuda 2D Sports Hdtp VIN B029M8B299126 now in S/S Hemi registry. There were 80 1968 S/S Dodge Dart Hdtps and 70 1968 S/S Plymouth Barracuda Sport Hdtps built. As of the above date, it is #13 of 52 1968 S/S Barracuda Sport Hdtps registered, built at the Hamtramck, MI Assembly Plant. All of the 1968 S/S Hemi cars were scheduled to be built at the Hamtramck, MI Plant between Feb 23, 1968 and May 23, 1968. There were 2 scheduled production dates for Darts (218 & 521), and there were 2 schedule production dates for Barracudas (218 & 419).


NOTE: Make sure to look over and read the pictures of the Galen report or call for more information.


This is a rare opportunity to own the ULTRA RARE 1968 SUPER STOCK HEMI RACE CAR raced by "AKRON" ARLEN VANKE!


See all 185 pictures of the documentation and the restoration of this car below with slide show or enlarge photos individually.


Call for more details:

770-427-8388 (VETT)

866-411-8388 (VETT)


68-CUD299126 001.jpg
68-CUD299126 002.jpg
68-CUD299126 003.jpg
68-CUD299126 004.jpg
68-CUD299126 005.jpg
68-CUD299126 006.jpg
68-CUD299126 007.jpg
68-CUD299126 008.jpg
68-CUD299126 009.jpg
68-CUD299126 010.jpg
68-CUD299126 011.jpg
68-CUD299126 012.jpg
68-CUD299126 013.jpg
68-CUD299126 014.jpg
68-CUD299126 015.jpg
68-CUD299126 016.jpg
68-CUD299126 017.jpg
68-CUD299126 018.jpg
68-CUD299126 019.jpg
68-CUD299126 020.jpg
68-CUD299126 021.jpg
68-CUD299126 022.jpg
68-CUD299126 023.jpg
68-CUD299126 024.jpg
68-CUD299126 025.jpg
68-CUD299126 026.jpg
68-CUD299126 027.jpg
68-CUD299126 028.jpg
68-CUD299126 029.jpg
68-CUD299126 030.jpg
68-CUD299126 031.jpg
68-CUD299126 032.jpg
68-CUD299126 033.jpg
68-CUD299126 034.jpg
68-CUD299126 035.jpg
68-CUD299126 036.jpg
68-CUD299126 037.jpg
68-CUD299126 038.jpg
68-CUD299126 039.jpg
68-CUD299126 040.jpg
68-CUD299126 041.jpg
68-CUD299126 042.jpg
68-CUD299126 043.jpg
68-CUD299126 044.jpg
68-CUD299126 045.jpg
68-CUD299126 046.jpg
68-CUD299126 047.jpg
68-CUD299126 048.jpg
68-CUD299126 049.jpg
68-CUD299126 050.jpg
68-CUD299126 051.jpg
68-CUD299126 052.jpg
68-CUD299126 053.jpg
68-CUD299126 054.jpg
68-CUD299126 055.jpg
68-CUD299126 056.jpg
68-CUD299126 057.jpg
68-CUD299126 058.jpg
68-CUD299126 059.jpg
68-CUD299126 060.jpg
68-CUD299126 061.jpg
68-CUD299126 062.jpg
68-CUD299126 063.jpg
68-CUD299126 064.jpg
68-CUD299126 065.jpg
68-CUD299126 066.jpg
68-CUD299126 067.jpg
68-CUD299126 068.jpg
68-CUD299126 069.jpg
68-CUD299126 070.jpg
68-CUD299126 071.jpg
68-CUD299126 072.jpg
68-CUD299126 073.jpg
68-CUD299126 074.jpg
68-CUD299126 075.jpg
68-CUD299126 076.jpg
68-CUD299126 077.jpg
68-CUD299126 078.jpg
68-CUD299126 079.jpg
68-CUD299126 080.jpg
68-CUD299126 081.jpg
68-CUD299126 082.jpg
68-CUD299126 083.jpg
68-CUD299126 084.jpg
68-CUD299126 085.jpg
68-CUD299126 086.jpg
68-CUD299126 087.jpg
68-CUD299126 088.jpg
68-CUD299126 089.jpg
68-CUD299126 090.jpg
68-CUD299126 091.jpg
68-CUD299126 092.jpg
68-CUD299126 093.jpg
68-CUD299126 094.jpg
68-CUD299126 095.jpg
68-CUD299126 096.jpg
68-CUD299126 097.jpg
68-CUD299126 098.jpg
68-CUD299126 099.jpg
68-CUD299126 100.jpg
68-CUD299126 101.jpg
68-CUD299126 102.jpg
68-CUD299126 103.jpg
68-CUD299126 104.jpg
68-CUD299126 105.jpg
68-CUD299126 106.jpg
68-CUD299126 107.jpg
68-CUD299126 108.jpg
68-CUD299126 109.jpg
68-CUD299126 110.jpg
68-CUD299126 111.jpg
68-CUD299126 112.jpg
68-CUD299126 113.jpg
68-CUD299126 114.jpg
68-CUD299126 115.jpg
68-CUD299126 116.jpg
68-CUD299126 117.jpg
68-CUD299126 118.jpg
68-CUD299126 119.jpg
68-CUD299126 120.jpg
68-CUD299126 121.jpg
68-CUD299126 122.jpg
68-CUD299126 123.jpg
68-CUD299126 124.jpg
68-CUD299126 125.jpg
68-CUD299126 126.jpg
68-CUD299126 127.jpg
68-CUD299126 128.jpg
68-CUD299126 129.jpg
68-CUD299126 130.jpg
68-CUD299126 131.jpg
68-CUD299126 132.jpg
68-CUD299126 133.jpg
68-CUD299126 134.jpg
68-CUD299126 135.jpg
68-CUD299126 136.jpg
68-CUD299126 137.jpg
68-CUD299126 138.jpg
68-CUD299126 139.jpg
68-CUD299126 140.jpg
68-CUD299126 141.jpg
68-CUD299126 142.jpg
68-CUD299126 143.jpg
68-CUD299126 144.jpg
68-CUD299126 145.jpg
68-CUD299126 146.jpg
68-CUD299126 147.jpg
68-CUD299126 148.jpg
68-CUD299126 149.jpg
68-CUD299126 150.jpg
68-CUD299126 151.jpg
68-CUD299126 152.jpg
68-CUD299126 153.jpg
68-CUD299126 154.jpg
68-CUD299126 155.jpg
68-CUD299126 156.jpg
68-CUD299126 157.jpg
68-CUD299126 158.jpg
68-CUD299126 159.jpg
68-CUD299126 160.jpg
68-CUD299126 161.jpg
68-CUD299126 162.jpg
68-CUD299126 163.jpg
68-CUD299126 164.jpg
68-CUD299126 165.jpg
68-CUD299126 166.jpg
68-CUD299126 167.jpg
68-CUD299126 168.jpg
68-CUD299126 169.jpg
68-CUD299126 170.jpg
68-CUD299126 171.jpg
68-CUD299126 172.jpg
68-CUD299126 173.jpg
68-CUD299126 174.jpg
68-CUD299126 175.jpg
68-CUD299126 176.jpg
68-CUD299126 177.jpg
68-CUD299126 178.jpg
68-CUD299126 179.jpg
68-CUD299126 180.jpg
68-CUD299126 181.jpg
68-CUD299126 182.jpg
68-CUD299126 183.jpg
68-CUD299126 184.jpg
68-CUD299126 185.jpg

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