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1970 Chevelle SS SOLD SC Special Thanks to Bruce & Chrissy

Price: Call 1 (770) 427-8388

Special Features:
1970 Chevelle SS

This is a full rotisserie restored 1970 Chevelle SS.

1. Body and Exterior

Body and Exterior: A completely "frame off" restored 1970 Chevelle. The car has been upgraded to represent a 1970 LS6 Super Sport Chevelle. The car is finished in Code L3U 1996-98 GM base coat clear coat Silver with Black Super Sport stripes on the hood and trunk lid. The Super Sport stripes have been wet sanded and polished to blend the paint so no edge is noticeable to the touch. Entire car has been seam sealed and rust checked.

Front Fenders: Restored original fenders in excellent condition. Undersides are finished in Black epoxy. New inner fender panels.

Rear Qaurters: New quarter panels have been installed on both sides. New wheels weels have been installed correctley. Workmanship is excellent.

Trunk: Restored original lid in excellent condition. Hinges and latches work great and fit is ecxcellent. New wheels wells, and half the trunk floor have been replaced with new panels. The trunk is finished in epoxy based GM light grey trunk paint. Reproduction floor mat installed. Restored jack and spare tire are included.

Door: Restored original doors in excellent condition. Hinges and latching mechanisims have been restored. Fit and finish is excellent.

Top or roof: restored stock in excellent condition.

Running Boards: New GM aluminum sill plates in ecxcellent condition.

Grill and Bright Work: Rechromed bumpers front & rear. New grill, wheels well moldings, and stainless 454 side fender emblems. All other trim has been polished to a high luster.

Lighting and Electrical Detail: New repoduction underhood harness. Under dash harness is in excellent original condition. MSD blaster II coil with MSD electronic billet distributor and MSD control box. Mallory 250 comp pump fuel pump with custom built wiring harness with oil pressure control. High torque moni starter. New alternator.

External Accessories and Options: Dual side mirrors. SS454 side emblems, hood pins on cowl induction hood. Painted grille bar with stainless steel trim. Hood and trunk Super Sport stipes. Super Sport rubber pad on rear bumper.

2. Chassis

Chassis: Stock chassis sandblested and refinished in Black urethane. Front crossmember has been notched for header clearance.

Front Suspension: Totally rebuilt complete with power disc brakes. Lower control arms have been modified to fit large headers. New GM big block springs with Hotchkiss upper and lower control arm kit.

Rear Suspension: New GM big block rear springs. Edlelbrock Htchkiss upper and lower control arm kit.

Motor and Engine Compartment: New GM 502. This engine has been completely rebuilt by richmond engines and balanced to high performance specs. New pistons, rings. Competition roller cam. Moroso oil pan and milodon windage tray. cowl induction are cleaner has been modified for higher intake manifold clearance. Holley 850 Barry Grant carburetor on dart aluminum manifold. Dart heads. moroso chrome valve covers. Custom built fuel system with remote filter and line. Engine compartment is very clean and very well detailed.

Radiator: Rebuilt 4 core radiator.

Transmission: GM turbo 400 transmission with hughes torque converter, stage II shift kit.

Differential: New driveshaft and U joints. 12 bolt differential with new Auburn posi 4:10 gears, new bearings and axles. Aluminum differential cover and support. High performance sway bar.

General Underbody Condition: Super clean, painted and well details.

Tires& Wheels: Front GM ralley 15X7 new BF goodrich 245/60R15 Rear GM ralley 15/8 new BF goodrich 275/60R15

Exhaust System: Jet coated hooker super competition headers to 3" exhaust pipes to dual flowmaster mufflers and 3" tail pipes.

3. Glass

Type and Condition: all glass was removed during the restoration process. New tinted and shaded windshield. Original side windows and rea window. New rubbers and window fuzzies throughout.

4. Interior

Dashboard: Reproduction top pad in ecxcellent condition. Refinshed gauge bezels and trim. Original AM radio.

Interior Trim: interior is trimmed in Black. All plastic components have been redyed or replaced.

Carpets and Mats: New reproduction Black carpets and mats.

Headliner: New headliner and visors.

All Seats: Reupholstered to match stock

Door panles: New panels in excellent condition.

Rear Package Tray: New tray and isulation.

If you are in the market for a fully restored 1970 Chevelle SS that you can show and race this is it. You will not believe the power this car has and how nice it drives with new everything. The basket player Roy Rogers had this car built and now is for sale. Please call for more details.

1(866) 411-VETT


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