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1969 COPO Camaro SOLD TX Special Thanks to Dennis & Debbie

Price: Call 1 (770) 427-8388

Special Features:
1969 REAL COPO Camaro

This is a REAL 1969 Factory COPO Camaro, correct date coded 512 69 427/425hp block, code correct hugger orange 72 paint, correct 499 distributor, correct 837 alternator, correct 772 fan, correct heads, correct BE rear end. Complete rotisserie restoration completed in May of 2006. Complete owner history with phone numbers and addresses of every owner back to 1970. 16,141 original miles and this car has all of its original sheet metal. This car has to be one of the lowest mileage REAL COPOs in existence. Act quick before real COPOs are all over $500,000.00



Two brothers into drag racing decided they needed a new car to race at Kilkare drag way in Xenia Ohio. They ventured up to Frost Chevrolet in Mechanicsville Ohio to purchase what was rumored to be a Camaro with a Corvette engine in it from the factory. They picked out a Hugger Orange Endura Bumper COPO Camaro. After several trips down the drag strip the car was sold in 1970.


Mr. Perry purchased the car. He knew about the car through drag racing also. He raced the car in the Mansfield Ohio area for Two year before he sold the car. He also painted the car a Tangerine red color.


Mr. Warner purchase the car and he did very little to the car before he sold it in 1974.


The car at this time has still not left the Mansfield area. Darrell bought the car and he snapped the picture of the car with the original cowl hood and Tangerine paint. Darrell would continue to own the car until 1999. The last time he had the car on the road was 1976. He would eventually sell the car to Dean in 1999. The funny thing was Dean actually was trying to buy the car in 1974 when Darrell bought it. It only took 25 years but Dean ended up with the car.


Dean started to collect parts for a restoration but he soon realized the task was too great and he sold the car in 2005 to Jim without having done any restoration.


This car was purchased from Jim and completed this beautiful concourse restoration.

Is now in Super Car Registry

Letter from Nickey Chevrolet

Please call for more details.

1(866) 411-VETTE

69-CAM641030 001.jpg
69-CAM641030 002.jpg
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69-CAM641030 004.jpg
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69-CAM641030 006.jpg
69-CAM641030 007.jpg
69-CAM641030 008.jpg
69-CAM641030 009.jpg
69-CAM641030 010.jpg
69-CAM641030 011.jpg
69-CAM641030 012.jpg
69-CAM641030 013.jpg
69-CAM641030 014.jpg
69-CAM641030 015.jpg
69-CAM641030 016.jpg
69-CAM641030 017.jpg
69-CAM641030 018.jpg
69-CAM641030 019.jpg
69-CAM641030 020.jpg
69-CAM641030 021.jpg
69-CAM641030 022.jpg
69-CAM641030 023.jpg
69-CAM641030 024.jpg
69-CAM641030 025.jpg
69-CAM641030 026.jpg
69-CAM641030 027.jpg
69-CAM641030 028.jpg
69-CAM641030 029.jpg
69-CAM641030 030.jpg
69-CAM641030 031.jpg
69-CAM641030 032.jpg
69-CAM641030 033.jpg
69-CAM641030 034.jpg
69-CAM641030 035.jpg
69-CAM641030 036.jpg
69-CAM641030 037.jpg
69-CAM641030 038.jpg
69-CAM641030 039.jpg
69-CAM641030 040.jpg
69-CAM641030 041.jpg
69-CAM641030 042.jpg
69-CAM641030 043.jpg
69-CAM641030 044.jpg
69-CAM641030 045.jpg
69-CAM641030 046.jpg
69-CAM641030 047.jpg
69-CAM641030 048.jpg
69-CAM641030 049.jpg
69-CAM641030 050.jpg
69-CAM641030 051.jpg
69-CAM641030 052.jpg
69-CAM641030 053.jpg
69-CAM641030 054.jpg
69-CAM641030 055.jpg
69-CAM641030 056.jpg
69-CAM641030 057.jpg
69-CAM641030 058.jpg
69-CAM641030 059.jpg
69-CAM641030 060.jpg
69-CAM641030 061.jpg
69-CAM641030 062.jpg
69-CAM641030 063.jpg
69-CAM641030 064.jpg
69-CAM641030 065.jpg
69-CAM641030 066.jpg
69-CAM641030 067.jpg
69-CAM641030 068.jpg
69-CAM641030 069.jpg
69-CAM641030 070.jpg
69-CAM641030 071.jpg
69-CAM641030 072.jpg
69-CAM641030 073.jpg
69-CAM641030 074.jpg
69-CAM641030 075.jpg
69-CAM641030 076.jpg
69-CAM641030 077.jpg
69-CAM641030 078.jpg
69-CAM641030 079.jpg
69-CAM641030 080.jpg
69-CAM641030 081.jpg

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