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1967 Nova Pro Tour (NOVACAINE)

Price: Call 1 (770) 427-8388

Special Features:
1967 Nova Pro Tour

1967 Pro-Tour Nova Custom




Not a penny spared on the build of this car. Built to show and has not been driven over 50 miles since finished. Won many, many awards at Year One and Super Chevy. Excellent PPG Flame Red paint on a no bondo lazer straight body, All new Black interior with custom Red carpet and custom console with built in tach and B&M pistol grip shifter, all new re-chromed bumpers and polished stainless trim, all new crystal clear glass, hidden autometer gauges in glove box, polished and chrome door catch's, custom trunk with matching flame Red paint and polished battery box, chrome fire extinguisher and polished first aid box.


Engine compartment:


410 cubic inch, 481hp, 385hp at rear wheels with Dynojet sheet.


400 GM small block bored .040 over, all machine work done, scat forged crank, scat forged rods, J.E forged flat top pistons (9.0 compression), Brodic aluminum heads fully polished, full roller rocker valve train, bullet custom grind roller cam, bullet roller pushrods, comp cam, custom fabricated intake with fuel injection, lower half of intake powder coated Black, upper intake polished, Roush throttle body, GM late model smooth fuel rails, late model GM injectors, GM computer hidden under passenger seat, custom sheet metal valve covers polished and powder coated, custom made polished air cleaner tubes with Z line filters, Black powder coated oil pan, powder coated GM timing cover, ARP, polished stainless engine bolts, TBI double belt drive system, TBI 140 amp Billet polished alternator, TBI Billet air conditioning compressor, vintage air under dash, chrome GM water pump, polished Lokar oil & transmission dipstick tubes, polished Lokar throttle & lach down cables and brackets, polished & chrome master cylinder with powder coated Black lines, polished 3 row aluminum radiator, custom fabricated polished over flow tank, dual electric fans sealed to radiator, chrome hood springs, Headman full length ceramic coated headers, custom X pipes 2 into 1 & 2 out Magnaflow muffler (hole exhaust system ceramic coated and polished, GM condenser in front of radiator, all polished body bolts, custom made rack & pinion.




GM 700R4 built to handle 500HP with 2600 stall, powder coated GM drive shaft, TCI trans cooler located under car next to transmission.


Rear end:


Moser 9" 3:73 posi traction, Moser 31 spline axles, chrome slide in link bars.


Suspension & brake system:


Polished Pro-Shocks coil overs on all 4 corners, Wilwood slotted & dotted power disc brakes on all 4 corners that are chrome & polished, polished Wilwood 4 piston calipers.




Mike's Rod Shop custom polished 15 gal fuel tank, polished in tank fuel pump, custom polished brackets holding polished fuel & return lines.




Coys 18X7 Chrome front, Coys 20X8.5 Chrome rear with BFGT New Style tires, Euro style open ended lug nuts.


Everything on this car was custom made and either painted, powder coated, polished or chromed.


If you are a fan of the 1967 Nova and looking for a 1 off custom that is perfect in every way. This is the car for you. The car has only been driven 50 miles since finished and is ready to take the cake at any car show.

Please call for more details. You can speak with the builder if you would like.




67-NOV138979 001.jpg
67-NOV138979 002.jpg
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67-NOV138979 015.jpg
67-NOV138979 016.jpg
67-NOV138979 017.jpg
67-NOV138979 018.jpg
67-NOV138979 019.jpg
67-NOV138979 020.jpg
67-NOV138979 021.jpg
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67-NOV138979 027.jpg
67-NOV138979 028.jpg
67-NOV138979 029.jpg
67-NOV138979 030.jpg
67-NOV138979 031.jpg
67-NOV138979 032.jpg
67-NOV138979 033.jpg
67-NOV138979 034.jpg
67-NOV138979 035.jpg
67-NOV138979 036.jpg
67-NOV138979 037.jpg
67-NOV138979 038.jpg
67-NOV138979 039.jpg
67-NOV138979 040.jpg
67-NOV138979 041.jpg
67-NOV138979 042.jpg
67-NOV138979 043.jpg
67-NOV138979 044.jpg
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67-NOV138979 069.jpg
67-NOV138979 070.jpg
67-NOV138979 071.jpg
67-NOV138979 072.jpg
67-NOV138979 073.jpg
67-NOV138979 074.jpg
67-NOV138979 075.jpg
67-NOV138979 076.jpg
67-NOV138979 077.jpg
67-NOV138979 078.jpg
67-NOV138979 079.jpg
67-NOV138979 080.jpg
67-NOV138979 081.jpg
67-NOV138979 082.jpg
67-NOV138979 083.jpg
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67-NOV138979 086.jpg
67-NOV138979 087.jpg
67-NOV138979 088.jpg
67-NOV138979 089.jpg
67-NOV138979 090.jpg
67-NOV138979 091.jpg
67-NOV138979 092.jpg
67-NOV138979 093.jpg
67-NOV138979 094.jpg
67-NOV138979 095.jpg
67-NOV138979 096.jpg
67-NOV138979 097.jpg
67-NOV138979 098.jpg
67-NOV138979 099.jpg
67-NOV138979 100.jpg
67-NOV138979 101.jpg
67-NOV138979 102.jpg
67-NOV138979 103.jpg
67-NOV138979 104.jpg
67-NOV138979 105.jpg
67-NOV138979 106.jpg
67-NOV138979 107.jpg
67-NOV138979 108.jpg
67-NOV138979 109.jpg
67-NOV138979 110.jpg
67-NOV138979 111.jpg
67-NOV138979 112.jpg
67-NOV138979 113.jpg
67-NOV138979 114.jpg
67-NOV138979 115.jpg
67-NOV138979 116.jpg
67-NOV138979 117.jpg
67-NOV138979 118.jpg
67-NOV138979 119.jpg
67-NOV138979 120.jpg
67-NOV138979 121.jpg
67-NOV138979 122.jpg
67-NOV138979 123.jpg
67-NOV138979 124.jpg
67-NOV138979 125.jpg
67-NOV138979 126.jpg
67-NOV138979 127.jpg
67-NOV138979 128.jpg
67-NOV138979 129.jpg
67-NOV138979 130.jpg
67-NOV138979 131.jpg
67-NOV138979 132.jpg
67-NOV138979 133.jpg
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