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1966 Corvette VetteRod SOLD Corvette Expo TN

Price: Call 1 (770) 427-8388

Special Features:
1966 VetteRod

This is a 1966 Corvette custom VetteRod.

This car is equipped with a gear driven 350ci. Chevy engine that has been freshly rebuilt including, Lenadi cam, rings, crank, bearings, and boared 30 over. Topped with polished and ported Dart 3 heads and a 650 carburator. It still has the stock M21 4 speed transmission with a Hurst shifter and really show you some power around 3500 rpm's The 3:55 rear end is great for highway driving. This vette still has an original trim tag, but was repainted Magnetic Red and sports a 67 repro big block hood with a black stinger and custom black vinyl interior. This vette is soft top delete with a removable hard top that is flat black in color. No problem slowing this vette down with Bear 4 wheel disc brakes matched up with 4 piston calipers and XL drilled and slotted rotors. The car still has original gauges and runs cool thanks to
the aluminum radiator and auxilary electric fans that can be manually turned on or off. There is an auxilary fuel gauge tucked away in the glove box for back up fuel reading. This car has tons of other upgrade adds like electric fuel pump, Hooker headers with side pipes, new gas tank, deep aluminum pulleys, 6 point Simpson harness belts, operable heater, wipers and lights, awesome looking 1 piece custom nose, and rolls down the road on aluminum American Racing Wheels wrapped in new rubber. Lots of car for the $$$$

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