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welcome to americanstreetmachines.com
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What you need to know about investing in classic cars...

AmericanStreetMachines.com was launched with the purpose of serving the needs of collectors and investors in the classic car market. We pride ourselves on posting over 100 photos of well documented, investment grade classics. While others sell mostly "Drivers," (industry name for non-matching, restored classic vehicles), AmericanStreetMachines.com specializes in one of a kind, hard to find classic car collectables.

You'll notice AmericanStreetMachines.com vehicle descriptions are detailed and photos clear to document the investment quality of the vehicle. Photos are taken to illustrate some of the key investment traits on a classic car; its numbers, its documentation and its owner history are included when ever available.

Then there is the "Project Car". The Project Car can be a gold mind or a bust. AmericanStreetMachines.com can help you determine whether your project will generate high yeilds or a low return. We partner with industry experts and certified judges to help us determine what's hot and what's not.

Much like stocks, you don't want to go into buying investment grade classics on your own. Choose AmericanStreetMachines.com to purchase your next investment and you'll be glad you did. Click here to read un-editted testimonials.

Buy your classic dream car…

We know you’re busy and don’t necessarily have the time to drive from dealership to dealership or search the vast collector car classifieds to find the car of your dreams. With gas prices at an all time high, choose a retailer that has some of the best classic car inventory in the market so you won't have to travel door to door.

At AmericanStreetMachines.com, you can browse over 100 photos of every classic car and truck online. We have photos of interiors, exteriors and even supporting documentation of a vehicle’s authenticity.

If you see a car you like, simply click on the “?inquire” link and we’ll have one of our professional experts contact you.

Sell your classic car…

American Street Machines advertises in many national, highly credible and popular trade magazines online and in print. Our listings are viewed by over a million potential classic car buyers a week*!

We have a reputable staff dedicated to getting the most exposure for your vehicle at the best price possible. We research the market and take professional photos of your vehicle to post online. For more details, call 770-427-VETT (8388).

Auction your classic car online…

Hauling or driving your car from auction to auction isn’t the most efficient way to sell your car. Many cars are sold at auctions online and we can help you avoid the headache by doing all the work for you on eBay MotorsTM or other credible auction sites.

We communicate on your behalf to potential buyers to help weed out the “scams,” often heard about in the news. For more information on this feature, call 770-427-VETT (8388).


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